The Week that Was

CrossFit-Ryan-GosslingCrossfit last week left me rather broken. My body was fine, but my spirit was broken by Friday morning. It was a perfect storm of badness. First, I had been off for most of the previous week because of my asthma. Second, I started my Crossfit week on Tuesday with that same nameless coach who sucks. Third, it was the first time I’d ever gone 4 days in a row. Fourth, the challenge was well, challenging, and I hate being less than perfect when I am being judged or rated on something. Fifth, I did an interval running WOD on Wednesday that felt awesome while doing it – but left me with nothing in the tank for Thursday.

Friday, I just broke down. The WOD had a five minute time cap – one lift move and supershort sprints in between. And I actually know how to do the lift (power cleans). Well, after the first round I totally lost it. I could not for the life of me get that bar to the rack position. I spent 4 minutes sputtering and swearing and jerking that damn bar over and over. My coach, Willis, stayed right next to me and managed to get me through one more round, but at the end I just felt like a total loser not being able to finish that WOD.

I was so freaking mad – I hate being weak! And my little perfectionist self hates NOT FINISHING something. I stormed home and told my husband we were going to Waffle House so I could cheat (the challenge has a diet component). I wanted sweet, sweet carbs and I wanted them right then! By the time we sat down Chris had talked me down and realized that WOD was still a victory – a victory because I still went and worked hard. I didn’t get the results I’d hoped for but at least I showed up.


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