Feeling like a wimp

I’ve been really happy with doing the Whole30 challenge and have seen some great results so far. However, my running/working out life has taken a turn for the worse. I have asthma and seasonal allergies and right now my breathing situation is all kinds of wonky. So no running or WODs for me since Tuesday.

It’s been rather depressing, and to add insult to injury my last WOD was rather horrible. I was starting to have the breathing issues so I didn’t perform well. And I had a horrible coach. So horrible that I don’t even know his name. Yeah, he never introduced himself, he did not go over any of the different moves, and he spent the time during the WOD(s) hanging out on the other side of the gym. And he apparently had us do the WOD wrong (based on how folks at other times did it). No guidance, no encouragement. I could have been killing my back on my front squats and he would have never known. He sat as far away from us as possible and still be in the gym!

I was really disappointing as I have loved all of the other coaches. One coach, Drew, will make people do burpees if they haven’t introduced themselves to everyone. It’s a very community-oriented box, but this one coach apparently did not get the memo. Everyone has bad days, so I’m giving this dude the benefit of a doubt. I’m going at the same time next week and if this dude acts the same I will be contacting the owner.

My asthma is doing better so I’ll be running later this afternoon if all goes as planned!


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