Another Day, another WOD

1002565_10151560634592536_1888584542_nToday I went in for the 7am workout. It was a small class – just me, my awesome friend Justin, and two other guys who just started Crossfit last week. Perfect! It was less intimidating with us all being newbies. This was my first morning WOD and the morning coach, Willis, is supersweet and full of smiles (while he’s kicking our asses!).

Our workout:

3 rounds
20 Front rack barbell step ups 20″ box 115/75
20 Push Ups off plates. Hands and feet on 45lb for men 25lbs for women
20 Pull ups

So I ending up taking weight off my bar, and we all just did jumping pull ups.

and I finished in 16:18 – the time limit was 20 minutes.

I came home and was talking to Chris about the workout – still on that awesome endorphin rush that occurs after a workout. I decided to go for a run around the park! It was awesome!! My time was not so great, but three weeks ago I would have been thrilled with that time. Considering this was after a full-on WOD this rocked – I’m definitely getting stronger!

BTW – Chris is doing the September On Ramp! I’m so excited!! He had to get an adjustment on his work schedule as he usually works until 8pm and the class starts at 7:30pm – but that is done and he is good to go!!

In other news I see that Amy at Crazy.Sweaty.Mommy is starting a Whole30 tomorrow. I think I’m going to join in. I’m doing a food/fitness challenge with my box that starts in a few weeks so I might as well get a head start on it! I did just buy cheese and “healthier” sodas, but Katie can eat the cheese and the sodas will keep. Today I was all about carbs – hashbrowns after the workout, an actual Dr. Pepper (!), and potstickers for dinner. I made the kids a Paleorific meal – and will eat  that for lunch tomorrow. I’m thinking the Whole30 will help me stay on track as I tend to allow myself too many treats.

In further news, today has been a whole lot of crazy – full-time school plus full-time work plus full-time mommy/wifehood is exhausting – up at 6am and bed at 11pm has been the norm for the last few weeks and will continue this way for at least the semester! Whew!


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